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Your attitude is a story of two days

My attitude is dynesty since childhood.

attitude shayari in english

People say I show off my attitude

Listen bro that’s gift of god i can’t hide it.

attitude shayari quotes

Always keep hope in your heart

Lay eyes in wait for their arrival

 If she don’t come, someone else will come

You Just keep lighting your love.

attitude images

best english shayari quotes

I’m Thankful To Those Person

Who Leave Me In Worst Situation

Because Only Due To Them

I Meet With My Great Situation.

best attitude shayari

Until You Are In Comfort Zone

You Can’t think different

From Average people.

shyari in english

If You Have Availability

To Think Great then

Only You Can Achieve Great.

best quotes

The Main Reason Behind

The Every Worst Failure Of Peoples

Is Their Habit Of Take Rest

After Every Success They Achieve.

I Can Not Change The Direction

Of Wind But Offcourse I Can Change

Your Way Of Thinking.

If You Really Want To Make

Your Dreams Come True, Then

The First Thing You Have To Do Is

Wake Up Early in The Morning.

I have lived My Life

On The same principle,

Whoever I believes,

Never Tested him.

best attitude shayari in english

When I stand with myself,

Then I am greater than

Every storm of doom.

What’s that attitude

That breaks down over time,

If someone gives heart to Anyone,

So make it like a thunderstorm,

Do not blow dry Like leaves.

That was not worth, otherwise,

What is the status of love

That turns us down?

People say don’t be so friendly,

I say do friendship so much,

That the enemy love you too.

Give us your hate,

with happiness

In the bailout,

we Can’s even take your love.

I have a strange habit

and amazing nature,

Love Or hate,

I do both  very strongly.

Neither I fell

nor the tower of my expectations fell,

But some people

Fell many times to make me fall.

Do not understand that

You are not capable of me,

They are suffering,

Which we do not achieve.

best attitude shayari in engliah

Now we have left

That fun or else,

We used to make beautiful like you

From my pen.

The decision of my character

Do not with my words,

Your existence will disappear,

Searching for my reality.

Change your thinking

About me a little bit,

You can find worse than me,

Try to go out for search.

It is important to have love in the heart,

Otherwise remember enemies do it every day.

Often the same people lift fingers on us,

Those who do not have the right to touch us.

I have an idea to punish enemies,

I do not raise my hand, just drop it out of sight.

Don’t talk behind my back.

Otherwise the whole life will go into crying.

They do so much on their Attitude,

So it is not surprising,

Whom we want,

They cannot be common.

Our habit is not to find support,

We alone are equal to the entire crowd.

Just come to your street for madness,

Otherwise the whole city is lying for loafing.

You just hold my hand,

People will burn in the crowd like lamps.

Love or hate we do both strongly

That’s why we are friends of friends

And enemies of enemies.

There was a strange fear

In that lion’s eyes, Who saw

The traces of my shoes in the forest.

Guess this attitude from this

You Want to be a player

And i am game changer.

I can be a king anywhere,

But To rule in the city

Of your heart is something else.

We have not even landed in the field yet,

And people started our discussions about me.

Love is all fraud,

Attitude is enough in your life.

Attitude shayari in english

I dare to say right to right

And wrong to wrong

That is why I keep

The relationship less nowadays.

Go to hell, people and their bullsit talk

We will live as we want to live.

Time will change,

Today is yours,

Tomorrow will be mine !!

Appraise my fame with this,

They salute me, Whom you salute…

You will not be able to judge me,

I am for those who respect me so much ..

You must have thought the same even today

That I am alone,

Maybe you don’t know

Kings are never alone.

I insist on winning by myself,

we have to defeat myself,

I am not a crowd,

The world has in me ..

Standing in the crowd is not my purpose,

What the crowd stands for

I want to be that!

Don’t ask about my personality,

We write as we see….!

We do not like the happiness found in the bailout,

Because we live like a Prince in worst days too.

Those who place the crown of pride on their heads,

Listen to around the world I am father of tham.

Look at my land from the sky

You just See you dream today,

If I want to try my bslief,

then Tell a lie and see my belief.

“My Attitude is a gift from God …

 no one can take it away from me.”

I do not like the happiness I got in the bailout,

I live in my sorrows too like the prince. “

Our style and attitude is a bit different,

 if you start to comparing, you will be sold. ”

Attitude quotes

Don’t show such attitude,

because my anger is hotter than our youth.

Love is all deception …

Attitude is enough in your life.”

“Friend says .. brother, never seen a bastard like you,

I said brother never will you see .. only one is left.”

The match is notoriously bad,

Our attitude still sets on fire “

Don’t show so much attitude,

My battery is too hot than you.”

“I like expensive gifts my friend,

Come next time and get some time.”

“We will not change with the speed of time.

Whenever we meet will be old.”

“People like us win in life,

Either learn,

But never lose.”

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Not only do you keep the GUN,

But you also know how to operate,

You stay in your own mind,

Or you also know how to fly.”

No matter what you say, calm yourself”,

Because the sun is too strong, the seas don’t dry. “

 life, as much as you have your problems,

you have a promise, I will make pass with laugh.”

Your pride will one day beat you, what am I,

It will tell you the time. “

“My identity is like the sea,

silent from above and storm from inside.”

Great attitude shayari in english

“It is not a matter of your loyalty,

But I will pray that you do not get any infidelity.”

People bark at our silence

To frighten the enemy.

Amazing attitude shayari in english

“My statuses are like drugs,

Once habitual

It is difficult to remain uneducated “

“He rules only those who rule the hearts …

otherwise, there is a crown on the head of the street.”

Before removing the deficiency inside me,

you should show all the shortcomings yourself. ”

It is not necessary for a man to be rich,

it is important to have a conscience. “

I left worry about

 the name being bad.

What does it matter how we are,

we are like that for the opinion we created

Everyone is different,

just someone hides and someone splashes.

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People say stop now, but my courage says that

your destination is just a little closer.

Standing in a crowd is not my objective,

rather I want to be the crowd I stand for.

Listen stupid girl is the 5th king in this world

4 So in the cards… and the fifth one

Whose Attitude Are You.

It is different to live in the market of Attitude,

people do not stop burning and we smile.

“We live life gracefully,

that’s why enemies burn in our name.

Be successful if not for yourself,

for those who want to see you fail.

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I like those people who hate me because now

everyone will see with love then I will not see it.

“Attitude is an addiction … and I am the only

heir to my father’s drug factory.

No problem if I do not get the edge,

I do not have to swim while immersing others.

Do not talk about the situation,

my friend, people are more afraid of

my eyes than your gun.

Guess our status, you know it,

we are never theirs,

which becomes everyone’s.

The greatest figure has disappeared,

son, you do not even try to bow me down,

 your age will pass in bringing me down.

Explain to those savvy…

that even in the street of slayer,

the terror is in our name only.

Attitude shayari in english

Suppose you will never tell your heart,

But how to hide what is in the eyes,

This is our promise to you

Whenever you look in the heart

you will get a picture of us.

“My housemates said,…

I said if we improve then

what will happen to those who love our fun.

We punish enemies very well,

do not raise hands, just drop them out of sight.

God give my enemies a long life

To see my success.

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