I Miss You Shayari

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Love that does not need to die,
Life itself will say goodbye!

i miss you shayari
i miss you shayari

The firstly people remember when something good happens,
The most precious person in life is…

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i miss you shayari

Sadness did not let me laugh, society did not let me cry!
This confusion did not let me live peacefully! Tired of taking shelter from the stars!
Your memories did not allow me to sleep!

best miss you shayri
i miss you shayari

Some die one day without telling,
But every day they die more than themselves, Who want someone else

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I miss you shayari

Those who have to go, they go away,
They don’t mind crying

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i miss you shayari

Have not found someone like you till date,
But this set is different, that you don’t even meet

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i miss you shayari

We are not capable of anyone, so we have started staying away,
We do not persecute those who are happy without us

best quotes
I miss you shayari

How will these nights pass without you
How will you endure loneliness, these nights
The watches have been waiting for a long time,
These nights will be changed by turning

Every new thing is good but
Your old memories are very good for my heart

Do not know the condition of the heart,
Nobody knows how to suffer,
Don’t want to hear your voice once,
But i don’t have an excuse to talk

amazing shayari

You come in closed eyes, like you,
You lose as soon as your eyes open like a dream

I wish I could stop the time going by,
You can connect every moment that passed with you,
Don’t know how many memories you gave us,
Wish we could turn life back

i miss you shayari

How do I prove that…
You miss a lot
Realize you don’t understand
And we don’t know

How to hold someone
else hand
If they got lonely
So what shall we answer

i miss you shayari

I don’t feel sorry for anyone,
There was no one who expected it

Memories never fade, no matter how far away,
If you remember, it stays in our heart,
No matter how big the mistake

There is no one who can comfort me…,
Just your memories that put your hands on the heart

When do you not see me, how long should I patience
I should close my eyes, but what should I do with my heart

i miss you shayari

Every new thing is good
But your old memories are very good for your heart

i wish you enjoying

Someone said why are you so lonely?
I said he only wrote for me

Dil ko teri hi tamanna
Heart has love for you
Whether you come ..
We will wait or not

Whenever I miss you, then I lay hands on my heart ..!
Because I know, if you do not meet me, you will definitely get here

Sometimes it changes like rain
Oops! Eats a lot like leaving you secretly

If you miss me, you are filled with eyes
Otherwise, I am not used to crying on everything

If in life
Relaxed if you want
Heart to heart
Leave it on!

Things change
And friends leave
Life for someone
Does not stop

Life should live on its own
At the behest of others
The lion also dances in the circus

If people are not laughing at your goal
So understand your goal is small!

Friends do not want to learn to insist….
Learn to achieve what is not written in love

Walk, fall, wake up, then walk
Walking to kiss the floor…
Challenges will come every day with new colors
To win you too change your maneuvers

Keep the passion but don’t let the senses go missing
Do not stop even in adverse times.
Made of raw gold first
Then drowned in the jewels with the help of heat

Stay humble even if you are a winner
Tilt the head and accept the progress.

The floors are also stubborn, the paths are also stubborn, see what happens tomorrow, the spirits are also stubborn

Don’t bow down so much in front of anyone that they don’t even give you a chance to get up…
If you want to bow down, bow down to your God and parents because the more you bow before them, the higher you will rise.

i miss you shayari

Someone asked me
Which character of Mahabharata would you like to become
I said that a horse in the chariot of Krishna whose rein is directly in the hands of the snake

Let’s find some reason to laugh,
Wherever there is no sorrow, they find a place!
Friends in high hopes flew a lot,
Let’s find the surface somewhere on the ground!
In the war of life of many with the untouched,
Come to their hearts, we find the church!
Long time wandering in the dark,
Let’s go to dark night, we find morning!

Someone asked if you write…
I said yes sometimes ..
When the heart cannot speak ..
Then I take it out on paper ..
Because some people can’t hear…
But know to read…

I have heard that writing of lines can change
Humans can adapt as they want…
Puppets move with the help of fingers,
But man can have his intentions…
Only the man has given so much power to the above,
That can sustain even after thousands of stumbles…
In front of man’s intentions, all are bowed down,
The storm may also be postponed in front of his courage…
What more proof of human talent should I give,
With his hands the stone can also fall into God.

i miss you shayari

I have missed her, come and go
Beats also disrupt the worship.

Nothing in my heart except her,
What should I remember if I forget him?

Feeling erased, searching erased, lost hopes too,
Everything is erased but what could not be erased is your memories.

Was sitting in his fun that suddenly yearned,
Coming back did not make your memory good.

If you remember, it will be from day to night,
Look at the mirror, we’ll talk to you,
Do not worry about visiting us,
Close your eyes and you will meet.

I miss you shayari

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