Sad Shayari In English

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The one who find thousands of mistakes today in me,

He once said that whatever you are, you are mine.

sad shayari in english
sad shayari in english

It was amazing love that suddenly started from me

And it ended without telling.

best sad shayari quotes
sad shayari in english

My mistake was that I considered everyone

More important than myself.

best sad quotes
sad shayari in english

Again I Have to start life from that point

Where the whole city was mine and you were stranger.

shayari quotes
sad shayari in english

It is not necessary to love someone who gives happiness,

love often falls from the heart breaker.

shayari sad
sad shayari quotes in english

The pain of separation is greater than every pain,

Because one has to die a hundred times to live a moment.

If you love someone, do so much

That whenever she hurts, she first remember you.

sad shayari in english
sad shayari in english

We both got deceived,

I considered you different from others

And you treated us as others.

I wanted you at a time

When you had no one

And you left me when

I had no one without you.

If I had found you,

Then the story would have ended in this life,

I have lost you,

For sure the story will go on long.

Please God make me the air for a moment,

I swear I will return only by touching them.

Sometimes I miss someone so much

That even the night falls short for crying.

best sad shayari

Often those people are shattered

Who love someone more than their life.

No shayari today just listen to it

I’m lonely and the reason is you.

How many days have passed,

She did not even remember

I did not know that even

In love there are holidays.

Not necessarily every broken person you find crying,

Some hide millions of pain behind their smile.

She cut thousands of pieces of my heart,

Than She cried, seeing her name on every piece.

How strange life has become,

It is more important to look happy

Than to be happy.

It was too late for you to feel my heart,

That heart was auctioned.

Let me go now,

what will you do, after listening to the story,

you will not understand the silence and

I can’t explain anything.

Pain happens when we love someone

And have someone else in their heart.

Now I will not tell my pain,

When I have to bear the pain,

Then why do I show.

How can i believe,

She wants someone else.

Great sad shayari

If the intention was to kill,

Then I would cut my head,

Why did you write death on,

My breath by putting it in love.

There will be thousands like you in my world,

But my world is you.

Take care yourself because,

I don’t have anyone else like you.

She puts some salt on my wound,

She calls friends after talking about love.

One day, my eyes also tired and told me,

See dream what you can do,

Don’t let me crying every day.

The fun of loneliness is different,

I found myself by watching your path.

Love is a great character,

love may be incomplete can’t finished.

God bless me,

you become my destiny.

There was some intoxication of love,

We had a heart that broke and,

fell in love with intoxication.

I am silent because this is my shame,

Or else my anger is enough for some dogs.

Nowadays, I sleep less at night

And miss you more.

Thousands of people were in life,

But she was the different who was not destined.

Whenever you need, just remember me,

I Will come even if I’m in someone else heart.

Asked if I miss someone,

“her” I smiled and said that’s why I am alive.

People say be happy,

But they can’t let it be.

How do I leave you love,

You are not in luck but right in my heart.

After fighting you,

Miss you even more.

I wish that moment would,

come to end when they cuddle me.

sad shayari in english

No matter how much trouble she gives,

But I feel better with her.

Overnight wake up is also a accepted in your memories,

Comfert is think about you not in sleep.

When the pain passes limit’s,

then the human Don’t cry just being silence.

Somebody Asked Ever Loved,

We said smiling and said even today.

Pain has its own way,

He also takes care of those who suffer.

Sometimes seeing someone

Is enough to get relieved.

It is amazing to meet,

Those who are not in luck.

Do not ask, how is this love,

Who just what makes you cry,

Only whome want to hug and cry.

Did not think that there would be such situation in life,

Crying would also be necessary and,

Tears would also have to be hidden.

sad shayari in english

They were found in the court of God,

Now you tell me what would we do love or worship.

She makes me learned a lot

like a bad time and went away.

I wish you ever hugged and said,

Why are you afraid? I am yours.

One care only shows how much care is there,

Otherwise there is no balance scale in relationships.

Everyone was looking for someone like himself,

Whichever we stayed closer,

Stay away.

Amazing shayari

Keep me forever in your heart,

If someone asks, , tell tham he is tenant is of the heart.

I believed that the weather changes but slowly,

Your change speed surprised even the winds.

Accidents happened on some hearts,

We got deeper than the sea.

How difficult it is to make happy  that person,

One who is not angry and does not even talk.

Some people don’t show up,

But cares a lot.

Memories remain to remember,

And time passes by taking all.

Don’t go in people’s faces,

There is no mask greater than the face.

sad shayari in english

Some relationships are very spiritual,

Don’t make a noise of belonging.

Their request to leave, our stubbornness to stop,

This bitch has that silent love.

By remembering who you are with me,

Thank you this favor a hundred times.

sad shayari in english

Tell the night to pass slowly,

Pain is sleeping today.

What has someone said,

It is all in the air,

Bending is the one who cares about relationships.

Let’s assume you have a habit,

But imagine if someone dies.

Do not open my fate book,

Every person who has hurt me.

awesome reader of sad shayari in english

There is no color in rain water,

Still makes Fiza colorful.

After the meeting, I realized,

We were both just the time had changed.

Who becomes someone here,

Take your own example.

The relationships that started,

being avoided by your presence,

It’s better to go smiling.

ssad shayari quotes in english

From which mouth should,

I settle, Not even a fight.

Silence also does noble things,

I have seen trees shaking.

Who wants to change, sir,

People force here to change.

sad shayari in english sad shayari quotes in english

I have learned all the expensive,

lessons in my life from cheap people.

You can’t even think,

How much do you think you.

Learn to forget sir,

One day the world is going to do the same.

You drive yourself crazy,

Then you say you are crazy.

The late echoing silence,

As someone calls us.

Heart must be big,

Things all grow up.

reader of sad shayari in english

They always write for them,

Who didn’t read us.

Many relationships end, Because,

One cannot speak correctly,

The other does not understand.


If you were silent, life was going great,

There was a ruckus when silence started speaking.

I cried while sitting with me one day,

Said you are fine, I was going poorly.

All is upset with my accent,

But i don’t know lately.

Asked if anyone misses him,

I smiled and said only then I am alive.

Angry man talks stupid,

But sometimes it is also said about the heart.

Tell me one thing,

It is very important to have such a person in life,

Who does not need words to describe his heart.

sad shayari in english

Do not put sadness on your face,

Sir Time is definitely a problem,

But only to smile.

Some say, some bear,

Kept saying something,

I do not know how many relationships have ended in,

The game of right and wrong.

Do not ask us about the matter of changing humans,

We have seen our sympathy become our pain.

It is also important to explain spirit,

Just don’t hold hands.

The lamp I loved,

He burnt my everything.

sad shayari in english

Leaves life together,

Then why complain only with love.

She must be crying seeing blank paper,

How was life going.

So much that one is in someone’s presence,

What happens after someone is gone is regret.

sad shayari in english

Changing people,

Changing relationships

And the changing season,

May not be visible but feel.

May God keep his eyes light,

Whose eyes are very piercing.

There are two types of pain,

One that hurts you,

The other one that changes you.

Punishes me everyday,

Remember you with a new excuse,

Has become aware of my whereabouts.

Bow down to save the relationship,

But every time you have to bow down stop.

It will be better after hurting someone,

You too wait for your turn.

I wish my heart was in the bus,

Neither miss anyone nor this heart cries.

If I was not in love, I would have told,

Your time pass ruined my life.

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